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 OnaRay is her alchemy name that embodies her humanness beyond gender.  She embraces life with full expression from the heart and offers wholistic integrative healing sessions that harmonizes the mind/body and spirit connection and offers transformational education worlwide.
OnaRay passion for self-mastery led her on a 14-year integrative academic journey into nutrition, sustainable culture and humanities, field of consciousness, healing arts, earning two degrees and attending a fulltime PhD program in Mind/Body Medicine.  She continued with trainings in the fields of Authentic Relating, NVC, and Mind/Body Centering to deepen her understanding of how humans connect and feel more love and joy in life. 
OnaRay has studied various movement therapies and began living the yogic path over 20 years ago… She waiting many years to find a YTT program that matched her values, she finally decided on a Tantra Yoga program in 2012 at a beautiful OSHO community in Nicaragua.  
Over the past 8 years she developed a love affair for acro-yoga and partner acrobatics.  Her passion with yoga and movement had her on a acro intensive journey of fierce play attending specialize trainings and going to festivals globally.  She now has taught acro-yoga in California, Colorado, Sri Lanka, and Germany.
OnaRay since childhood intuitively knew the healing connection of touch, she appreciated being touched and how it balanced her emotions and simply made her happy.  This love of touch got reinforced in how healing affects different levels.  This curiosity of healing power of touch got rediscovered after having intensive discomfort from aerial training in 2003.  She began to receive weekly Thai Massages that transformed her soreness into more freedom inside and she experienced increased range of motion that helped her tremendously with more ease in movement.
This new discovery of Thai Massage led her to undertake a comprehensive apprentice program in Hollywood, CA into the underlining secrets of Thai Wisdom. This specialize training spawned a deeper desire to find innovative ways into the power of touch to heal.
OnaRay continues to study different forms of healing that integrate breath, sound, and movement as a powerful trilogy for deeper transformation to happen!  This new path has awakened a soul-path journey into the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality and Authentic Relating.  She has now attended intensive trainings across the globe in Biodynamic Breath and Shamanic Sexual Healing Arts.
OnaRay has taught workshops, led opening ceremony and rituals, offered performance art at festivals and conferences all throughout the USA and in 13 countries. She continues to study different healing arts across the globe as a conscious nomad and visionary leader. She lives her life sharing her knowledge, earned wisdom, and continues living life as an eager student.  
She is here as love birthing her life project, AwakenSex!
Awaken into your inner-sexual aliveness Inside”



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