BODYFLOWART - Expanding the ART of Human Movement
OnaRay's love of movement in early childhood has spawned a lifelong exploration seeking knowledge and wisdom into how humans move through life...

While attending graduate school  in 2003, OnaRay began to deeper her philosophy on movement and health.  OnaRay passion grew deeper during her rigorous circus training  how mindful breath affects movement and performance.  This new discovery led to investigate further the role of body and emotional intelligence plays in overall peak performance and quality of life.

OnaRay  learned that, often times, the body forms an "armor" to protect itself, and this armor builds over time in density as the emotional body gets locked into a "pain body" state of consiousness. 

he noticed the correlation between alignment (posture), movement, and breath, and begun to notice how humans suffer imbalances in this relationship that gets translated into health issues or Dis-Ease! 

OnaRay continues to explore her own body through dedicated studies with the circus arts , martial arts, performance art, Yoga philosophy and practces, movement therapies, and ecstatic dancing free flow conscious movement.  

 OnaRay has dedicated her life to helping people tap into their own inner FLOW -- which means "Free Open Loving Waveforms."  This awarenss of FLOW for her is a pathway to freedom in life.

OnaRay recognizes how FLOW affects our movement if life.  The center of the galaxy contains a  infinite cosmic force allowing more freedom of movement to happen. By tapping into this magical force of life, we can create a vortex- a centripetal force of circular energy inside that allows more FLOW in life!

The word "FLOW"  represents an innate connection of the oneness all around.  Flow begins within, through a release of trust inside, surrendering into the moment and through the cooperation of mind and breath.  This process of surrender into the present moment (Now) connects the body and spirit as ONE. Cosmic Energy is Endless of FLOW is infinite! 

The vision of BODYFLOWART is to allow more magic to happen in life . The magic of unleashing FLOW in life with YOGA and Partner Flow Movement practices.  

BODYFLOWART empowers our path of mindful body-awareness and allows us to embrace self-mastery in Life.  This new awareness empowers a transistion to more freedom of movement to happen in FLOW!

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